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Internet is for everyone

The Internet is a place of possibility and opportunity. It is where we collaborate and innovate for a better world. Where we share our hopes and strengthen our bonds. It is where we work, learn, and make progress.

The Internet Society is a global charitable organization empowering people to keep the Internet a force for good: open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy. Founded in 1992 with local chapters around the world, its mission is "to promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world".

Promoting inclusion for Persons with Disabilities

The Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group was formed on November 1 2021, subsequent to ISOC's plan to de-charter existing Special Interest Groups. While the new SIGs are temporary and project-based, both Accessibility and Youth, as Standing Groups, are permanent. The Accessibility Standing Group (ASG) is mandated to promote barrier free access to resources focusing on Digital resources to the disabled which are about 15% of the Global population. The ASG was Formally welcomed by the Internet Society BoT Chair Ted Hardie on March 31 2022

Promoting A11y for Persons with Disabilities

The former Accessibility SIG was de-chartered, and reverted to its origin as an Internet Society New York Chapter project, in a supporting role to the new Standing Group, as well as other activities.

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